Academic Program

In School a student goes through the most important phases of his/her life encountering various experiences, which later becomes a permanent and distinct trait of his/her personality. We at SDIS understand the important of these phases and hence have scientifically broken down the academic structure.


Observation Phase

The early phases of a child’s academic life is filled with a new experience on a daily basis. In SDIS the period between Class I to Class V is considered a period of observation. Here the child is encouraged to test and try everything under the sun. In addition to cognitively formulated academics, they are exposed to different kind of sports, activities and co-curricular skills. This is a phase where the student gets a taste of everything and our mentors make notes of the inclinations developed and nascent skills displayed. The aim at the end of Observation phase is to discover the innate inclination and pre disposition of the child towards certain activities and subjects.

Orientation Phase

The duration from Class VI to Class VIII is defined as Orientation Phase in SDIS. As the students come out of observation phase our mentors have individual records of each child based on which we start the orientation program. It is in this phase that a child truly perceives a picture of what lies ahead in their chosen activity or sport. Personal schedules, work culture and skill orientations are developed in this phase which prepares the student for the next phase of specialized training.



Polishing Phase

In the final stage that spans from Class IX - ClassXII, things get a little more serious on the learning and practicing front. Be it academics, co- curricular or sports, methodical training takes center stage in this phase as the students are prepared for real competitions and are given a chance to showcase themselves on state, national and global platforms. At the start of class 9, preliminary stream divisions are made based on students’ interest and skills displayed and supplementary training/coaching is provided to make them excel in their chosen fields.

The aim of our three-phase academic program is to discover the right path for each child at an individual level and guide them all the way through till they excel in what they choose. Once out of the observation phase the child is provided with myriad tools and facilities to hone their skills and we at SDIS leave no stones unturned in providing our students with everything they need to perform and compete at global stages.