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Spring Dale International School (SDIS) was born out of passion for the student community of Guwahati. It is under the aegis of the “Prabhu Shyam Charitable Trust”. The foundation stone was laid down by its Chairman Prabhu Agarwala and Secretary Mahesh Kumar Agarwala.

It has evolved in its journey striving always to fulfill the vision of its Founder, to provide holistic education to the youth, to mould them into responsible citizens of our country. In our school we give importance to activities which enhance the qualities of spirit and body which are as important to us as is academic learning.

Spring Dale International School (SDIS) is a well established, reputed, co-educational, CBSE Affiliated, international school situated at Guwahati serving both local and expatriate communities.Link on advantageous location: SDIS is advantageously located at 45 min from airport and in National Highway.


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    Our Moto

    Spring Dale International School (SDIS) is committed to its motto -‘Rise High’ and provide a fine education to all who enters its doors & tries to build successful careers with an ancient charm and modern outlook.

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    Our Vision

    Spring Dale International School (SDIS) was born out of passion for the student community of Guwahati.It Provides an environment to tender and brilliant brains enabling them to perform better and excel beyond what they have already mastered. Future commitment is the mark of time. It is universal phenomenon that nothing is constant and change is to move ahead in the direction of achieving Multidimensional goals in the fields of education. ‘ACHIEVING’ has now become addiction to the team of SDPS. We believe in the pastoral care of each student through innovative techniques supported by modern technology.

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    Our Objective

    Our quest is to traverse the paragon of creativity, innovation and excellence locked in every child. We aim at teaching the students to apply judgement at every stage of thinking. As the environment changes faster, as yesterday’s strategies turn archaic, we need a dose of innovation just to get ahead. This is what we put emphasis on at SDPS. Our philosophy is to nurture the dreams of every child by bringing out their inherent talent and thereby sowing the seeds of a touching personality.

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    Our AIM

    Considering the fact that the process of socialising begins at the tender age whence childhood is a mere clay and the personality of the child starts moulding, our main emphasis is on providing a sound and concrete foundation, so that he/she shines in life. We aim at a very disciplined life of the children with great sense of authority, responsibility and accountability.