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Extra Academic

In today’s age, being competitive is an essential character trait. The roots of competitive character if built early into a child goes a long way in the future. With this objective, SDIS provides a platform for its students to compete in various state, national and international level competitions from an Early age. Our mentors take immense pride in training the young minds for various brainstorming competitions. Early exposure to competitive education acquaints a child to handle wins and losses equally well which turns out as a vital psychological tool for the future.

1. Activity Clubs

To cultivate organizational and leadership quality in our students, we facilitate various activity clubs under 4 major heads. Each club comprises of student members and one mentor. Students from class 6 onwards are enrolled in the various clubs where they are provided orientation and guidance by their seniors and overall looked after by the mentor responsible. Each club mandatorily presents a show/exhibition at least twice a year. One Saturday of every month is reserved for club showcasing wherein the various clubs put up their show and try to attract audience and influence others to join their clubs. Through various activities, participation, member strength and shows the clubs compete within themselves for the coveted “CLUB of the Year” Award.

2. Performing Arts Club

The major activities under this club is MUSIC, DANCE and DRAMATICS. Accredited courses of music and dance are facilitated at the school for those who want to pursue these disciplines seriously.

3. Literary Club

Poetry, creative writing, quizzing and debates are the major activities under the literary club. The club encourages preparations and participation in various literary competitions outside the school on state or national level. The literary club also organizes movie / documentary screenings from time to time within the school. The facilitation of a literary club within the school is aimed at orienting the students towards the prospective scope in the field of literature.

4. Science Club

The SDIS science club is a contingent of all the young science bugs within the school. With major activities like ROBOTICS, ASTRONOMY and CODING the science club is one of the most active attractive options for young geniuses to enroll into. Trips and excursions to various places of scientific significance are organized under the aegis of this club. The club also encourages and facilitates the participation of students in various science or mathematics-based competitions on state or national level.

5. Fine Arts Club

Art is never complete without the canvas, be it film, paper or 3D models. Fine arts club in SDIS caters to all the creative geniuses we have in the school and executes major activities like painting, sculpting and photography. The true brilliance of the fine arts fraternity is reflected in its exhibitions and workshops where they showcase works of their members and also encourage new members to enroll.