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Spring Dale International School (SDIS) provides various clubs to enhance student’s skills. It serves as a platform for the students to learn team work and co ordination. Besides they can also showcase their talents in various fields. We have altogether seven clubs which organizes various competitions and activities.

Cultural Club (Natraja Club)

The importance of social and cultural activities in preparing students for real life and strengthening their personal skills cannot be questioned. Cultural activities not only help students to identify themselves with the school, but also assist students to develop themselves in a desired field and also improve skills such as organizational, presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication.

Student life within the School is rich and a wide range of activities are present to tailor all talents and interests. As cultural activities are of paramount importance, the School encourages all extra-curricular activities that are both in line with the educational objectives of the institution and meet the needs of the students.

Science Club (Einstein Club)

In view of their nature and purposes served, the science clubs can be classified as General club and Special club. The scope an field of General clubs in science is quite general and broad. These are not specifically tied to a single purpose, branch or area of science.

The main objective of Science Club :
1. To help students acquire basic knowledge of Science.
2. To help students develop a scientific way of learning.
3. To develop students' awareness of and concern for scientific issues in personal, social, environmental and technological contexts.
4. To understand scientific knowledge through experiments. 5. To arouse and cultivate students' interest in learning Science.

Social Science Club (D’Vinci Club)

The social sciences are a group of academic disciplines that study human aspects of the world. They diverge from the arts and humanities in that the social sciences tend to emphasize the use of the scientific method in the study of humanity, including quantitative and qualitative methods.

Social science club is established with the aim of developing the sense of belongingness to the society. Students through various activities are prepared to be a part of society. Various festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm by students and they participate in large number in these celebrations. Due to a lot of activities being held by the club students have a great interest to be a part of this club.

Literary Club (Ved Vyasa Club)

The aim of the club is to inculcate among students a fondness for language and enhance their literary skills.

The club will provide a platform for:
1. To encourage students become orators to display their intellectual and independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence.
2. To promote communication skills of students and help in team work ,ability to speak and emote before a audience thereby increasing the emotional quotient of the students.
3. To promote the ability to organize and analyse the available resources and adopt technological advancements to present ideas, creativity and artistically.
4. To develop learning,speaking,reading and writing(LSRW) skills.
5. Expose to new vocabulary.

Maths Club (Maths π-rates Club)

The mission of the School Math Club is to foster a community of students around a common interest in mathematics. Club members will have opportunities to apply and improve math skills by participating in math competitions and learning circles. Members will also be able to engage with colleagues in the discipline by attending math conferences, competitions, projects and will participate in social gatherings aimed at advancing interactions with their cohort.

The Math Club members will learn about interesting careers in math related fields and engage in activities that promote the appreciation and pursuit of mathematics.

IT Club (Dennis Ritchie Club)

The objectives of the IT Club are to promote Information Technology interests and inquiry, to improve the knowledge and understanding of computer Programming, Hardware and Networking concepts, and to share ideas and principles. We often sponsor speakers and seminars related to the use of technology in today’s world.

This club has the following objectives:
1. To offer computer training courses for students.
2. To offer maintenance workshops.
3. To offer workshops and lectures concerned with information technology and computer science.
4. To develop and encourage students' talents and hobbies.
5. To allow students the opportunity to use the computer and Internet.

Sports Club (Rising Star Club)

The philosophy of the Sport Clubs program is to promote health, physical well being and the acquisition of physical skill development.

The Sport Clubs program is part of the Physical Education. Sport Clubs are designed to serve individual interests in different competitive sports and recreational activities. These interests can be competitive, recreational or instructional in nature. Clubs may represent the school in competition and/or may conduct intra-club activities such as practice, instruction, social and tournament play.